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About Us

Our organisation is established in 2013 with a motive of providing the best, healthy and safe products available in market and helping people by working as an Rabiah

We are also educating people about the ways of simple and healthy living as every person now a days is suffering from some problem for example diabetes, thyroid, hair fall, joint pains, constipation etc. these problems are due to our modernization, wrong food selection and availability of cheap quality food products in the market. Due to these problems we started this organization to promote best quality health products and educate people regarding the simple ways of healthy living the products good for them

We are starting with coconut products as we know that coconut is very good for health according to many studies being conducted on its medicinal values. The products are: 
    •  Organic palm sugar
    •  Virgin coconut oil
    •  Organic hair cream 
    •  Immunity capsules (virgin coconut oil capsules)
    •  Baby oil (99% virgin coconut oil and 1% apple oil)
    •  Massage oil 
    •  Mouth freshner organic 

In the starting we ordered these products for our personal use but when we told people about the results and quality of the products we got a bumper response because everybody was upset with the quality of material available in market with big brand names on it. When we felt that the people are looking for quality products and not brands we made it as our goal to provide best products to the people. The products which we are selling are being used and tested by us personally. 

We are the only PALM SUGAR brand available in India. Palm Sugar is very rich in essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. It has 24 natural nutrients. It is one of the rare plant sources of Vitamin B12. The Glycemic Index ( GI ) of palm sugar is less than 41 only. 

PALM SUGAR : has a lots of therapeutic value. It is an essential part of many Ayurvedic medicines. Palm sugar is good for problems relating to breathe, like asthma, cold, cough, anemia, leprosy, typhoid, and high Blood Pressure. It supports growth of young children, decreases pancreas heat, strengthens heart, bone and teeth ; help prevent diabetes, arthritis and respiratory ailments.

VIRGIN COCONUT OIL : reduces cholesterol and helps in weight loss. It is also considered best for Blood Pressure, blood sugar, thyroid and constipation. It is also good for arthritis. 

ORGANIC HAIR CREAM : is the best hair treatment available as it is 100% organic with virgin coconut oil as its base. It can cure dandruff problems and thus prevents hair fall. It also helps in regrowth.

IMMUNITY CAPSULES : improves immunity of the body as coconut oil contains 47% lauric acid which makes it anti viral, anti fungal and anti bacterial for the body. 

MOUTH FRESHENER : is reduces plaque, whitens teeth, prevents mouth ulcers and bad breath. MASSAGE OIL : is good for body pains, dark elbows and knees and relieves eczema. BABY OIL : is also purest form of oil as it contains 99% virgin coconut oil and 1% apple oil. It is anti fungal and anti bacterial which prevents baby from various infections.